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Clive Francis: A Sherlockian Conversation

Actor Clive Francis shares memories of portraying the title character in The Man with the Twisted Lip. He also discusses his work as a caricature artist and writer – including his adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Visit Clive’s website to view and purchase signed prints of his extensive caricature work:

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8 thoughts on “Clive Francis: A Sherlockian Conversation

  1. Delightful conversation with Mr. Francis and a much needed distraction for us these days. Will try to find his adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles. All well done I’m sure.

    Thank you again, Gus & Luke!

  2. Excellent as always! Gus and Luke are the Brett and Hardwick of Sherlockian podcasters! The style and quality of these podcasts are excellent. I envy their time and devotion to keeping the Jeremy Brett series alive.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful podcasts, I look forward to each one, and get quite excited when I see you have uploaded a new one. I watched the original series in the 80s and 90s and never bore of watching them again and again. I know it will be a while before you, Gus and Luke, cover The Bruce Partington Plans, but I thought I would draw your attention to this pdf arguing the possible location of 13 Caulfield Gardens in real life, in case you haven’t seen it before. I have sometimes wondered where the real location could be, where the Underground passes under suitable properties. I’m not sure if the article finds it in the end, but it is interesting reading! Please keep up the excellent work! Sarah

    1. Thank you, Sarah! We had NOT seen this and will gladly include it in our show notes when we do finally arrive at TBPP. Thanks for the tip! -Gus

  4. As Gus & Luke noted on Twitter, and I wish to spread here as well, today would’ve been Jeremy Brett’s 88th birthday. 🎂 🎈 🎉

    ❤️️ 🎁 🎈✨

    Let’s all light a candle (🔥 88 perhaps?) for dear Jeremy!

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