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Kiran Shah: A Sherlockian Conversation

Veteran actor and stuntman Kiran Shah discusses his adventures playing the menacing Tonga in The Sign of Four. He speaks about growing up in Kenya, working with makeup artist Glenda Wood, lessons he learned from co-star John Thaw, and more.

Watch the extended video of this interview (with subtitles and behind-the-scenes photos!) on YouTube (

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3 thoughts on “Kiran Shah: A Sherlockian Conversation

  1. Wow, the extended youtube video you did with Kiran was so enjoyable! And I learned many things about his unique career.

    It all made for the perfect evening of viewing and listening pleasure. Thank all three of you gentlemen!

    Looking forward to what you guys have for us next week!! 😀

    1. Thank you for watching! It was a lot of fun for us to speak with Kiran and discuss his vast career of a lot of our favorite movies. We’re glad you enjoyed taking the journey with us! -Luke (and Gus)

  2. I really appreciate your guys’ effort into providing podcast-style content in paying homage to this great series. Looking forward to finishing the interview/discussion with Shah. I’m a little slow in getting through all the back catalogue of the JBSHP, but I know I’m going to really enjoy it when I do. Maybe it’ll motivate me to rewatch the series further down the line (having only recently been turned onto the Granada series in the Covid era). Anyhow, I hope you guys are getting lots of positive feedback and will be keeping up the great work on this series, or whatever else you all might be turning your minds to. I drink out of my JBSHP coffee mug all the time and the Reichenbach Falls print from the Relics collection put a nice finishing touch in the home office décor, along with the miniature Napoleon bust and map of Victorian England I paid Jeff Bezos for.

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