Episode 46 – Brettcon: A Trip Report

In this special trip report episode, we share our thoughts on the recent BrettCon event held in Guildford on May 25, 2024 which celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Granada series with its cast and creators (including clips from the panels). We also discuss our further adventures in England which included meeting with friends of the podcast, a Sherlockian walking tour of London, visiting some additional Manchester-adjacent shooting locations (Dancing Men, Shoscombe Old Place, Hound, and beyond), revisiting the Midland Hotel, and much more!

Sherlockian Relics Vol. 1 & 2
Shooting Locations Database:

5 thoughts on “Episode 46 – Brettcon: A Trip Report

  1. LOVED you all singing to the absent David Burke the “Happy Birthday” and he’s “A Jolly Good Watson” songs–so heartwarming and priceless! Thanks again for such moments, gents!

  2. Thanks a lot of quoting me! I should have praised David too, of course. After all, when you have eliminated all which is ironic, then whatever remains, however improbably British, must be the truth.

    A great audio momento of a splendid day.

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