Episode 5: The Crooked Man

In the 5th episode of season one, Holmes and Watson encounter a mysterious, Crooked Man, the cast and crew come to tears over changes to the story, we learn about the legendary John Hawkesworth, and Gus and Luke discuss the minutiae of this enigmatic entry to the series. Plus, we check the post for some listener emails.

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One thought on “Episode 5: The Crooked Man”

  1. I think I liked this episode more than both of you, partially because of the supporting cast. My heart absolutely breaks in two when Henry Wood says “it was for my good looks Nancy loved me.” It’s almost a throwaway line on the page, but I can still hear it now in my head because of the actor. Ditto the way he says “Nancy” at the end.

    I’m also going to disagree with Brett and Burke that something was lost in transposing the meeting to the mission. In fact, I think it adds to the drama of the moment, given the couple is being watched and can’t make a scene.

    Fiona Shaw makes so much of this small role, it’s delightful. I love her obvious love and loyalty to Nancy, and the way she says “a promise is a promise.” And it’s completely bananas to see James Wilby, who was the lead role of E.M. Forster’s Maurice, in a nonspeaking role.

    What bothers me most about the story is that nothing is done–not by Holmes and Watson, nor by Nancy–to help Henry Wood at the end. It seems a bit out of character for all of them. Some money, assistance, something?

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