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Episode 27: The Six Napoleons

In this special episode, Holmes, Watson and Lestrade share humbugs and bond over the mystery of The Six Napoleons! Gus and Luke translate the Italian script segments and provide limericks! We also hear from writer John Kane, director David Carson pays us a visit, and we even receive a kind missive from a certain “Mr. Holmes”!

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14 thoughts on “Episode 27: The Six Napoleons

  1. Gus & Luke,

    Captivating work, gentlemen!

    Your Six Napoleons is the best holiday podcast Sherlockian listeners could ask for. And I mean that. To me this was truly a delightful episode and–as Jeremy’s Holmes tells Colin’s Lestrade–“Thank you!” [Then quietly and softly with uncharacteristic humility] “Thank you.”

    1. Thank you for listening and for writing! Very kind of you. We’re glad we got it out in time. Hoping to have a few nice surprises in the new year as well! Take care! -Luke (and Gus)

  2. Surprises in next year, you say? YEA!–will look forward to that!

    And the Sign of Four is next!? Marvelous, simply marvelous!
    Or as our Master Detective says so perfectly in that story:
    “My mind rebels at stagnation… I crave for mental exaltation.”
    [the exaltation found only in the sherlockpodcast, of course!]

    May you both have a very mentally exalted 2022, gentlemen!

  3. I just finished listening to this episode. My entire evening has disappeared in a flash! I was fascinated and transported. The Six Napoleons was my favorite of all the stories. I once again thank you for such wonderful content. What an excellent way to spend this chilly holiday evening.

    1. Thank you, Louis! As I mentioned in the podcast, I think this is my favorite episode of the series, so I’m glad nothing too controversial was said to taint the memory of your favorite story. Hopefully there were even a few new tidbits for you in there! -Luke (and Gus)

  4. Thank you for the marvelous Podcast, my entire family enjoyed multiple sessions on our trip from Vicenza Italy to Cologne Germany, 10 hours of Gus, Luke, and Jeremy Brett. It was fitting that we passed through Milan as the Six Napoleons started and the Final Problem was playing as we passed through Switzerland. My wife never understood why I listen and watch daily, now she does. I am looking forward to reading over everyone’s posts and to the New Year’s podcasts, thank you Gents!

    1. Wow! That’s incredible. Italy to Germany sounds like a pretty amazing drive. And good timing on the episodes. Thank you to you and your wife. I’m glad we didn’t scare her off. 🙂 Thank you for writing and all your support, Chris! We’ve got some big plans for the new year. -Luke (and Gus)

  5. Thank you so much for your excellent podcast – your insights are amazing! I was introduced to Sherlock Holmes via the multiple film and television adaptations. I discovered the Granada series last and it is the best of all (and many of the adaptations are very, very good). Jeremy Brett was an inspiring actor and it truly breaks my heart that the acting establishment of his own country did not recognize him in his lifetime with a much deserved BAFTA.

  6. Extremely trivial trivia: in the original story Holmes says ‘thank you’ twice, which is a common literary quirk where the author wants to emphasize something. In real life most people don’t repeat their words for dramatic effect. Jeremy took that and made it a whole scene in itself. The first thank you is his public persona, then he gazes down and when he looks up he shows his heart and his thank you is quiet and intimate.
    Rather than being annoyed that you rate all the episodes so highly, I am apprehensive about the inevitable lower marks you will be giving to some of the later episodes. I haven’t watched a couple of them because of such negative previous reviews. I am hoping that you find enough good parts of the lesser episodes that motivates me to watch them.

  7. Sorry, but I have to correct you again. At 27:10, you said Shada was shot in 1963. It was in 1979! (The series began in 1963, hence this may have caused your confusion)

  8. Hi Gus and Luke
    Bravo on yet another brilliant podcast. Everytime I think an episode is my favourite another one pops up. The six napoleons is just faultless in my eyes and one of if not the best episode filmed. It was also really interesting in hearing DSD s insights into the filming and directing of the episode and work behind the camera. This episode also has the famous Jeremy turn too just before he buys the sixth napoleon.
    My wife and I also recently took your advice on visiting the Sherlock Holmes pub in London just before Christmas 2022 travelling down from North Wales. Seeing all the memorabilia they had including the recreation of 221b was something I ll not forget. The Fish and Chips were good too 😋. We also saw a play at the Marylebone theatre called ” A Sherlock Carol” in which Holmes has to solve the murder of one Ebenezer Scrooge.
    Once again great work looking forward to the next one. Thank you.

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