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Episode 18: The Priory School

In this episode, Holmes and Watson search the grounds of the mysterious Priory School for Lord Saltire, the missing son of the Duke of Holdernesse.  Director John Madden (Shakespeare in Love) masterfully directs this installment of the series.  Gus and Luke discuss horseshoes, tyre tracks, and the significant differences between Doyle’s original story and this beloved adaptation.  Plus, listener telegrams!

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5 thoughts on “Episode 18: The Priory School

  1. Gus is right in saying the beautifully-shot drama of Priory School in a sense overrides your brain–there really is a lack of mystery to follow in this episode. Like you both, I too never noticed this before!

    Of course again we learn so much in your superb podcast. Loved your answering people’s emails or telegraphs, what fun to hear!

    Only hope we will get one or two podcasts more before years end (Please, please, please)!

    Thank you Gus & Luke for all your excellent work! Keep it coming!

  2. I’m not sure where to post this comment, but what about the beautiful opening of the Jeremy Granada Holmes? The theme music, the views of Baker St., carriages, storefronts, people, and the wonderful kids teasing the shopkeeper and customer, and then Mr. Brett himself at the window, studying the view…how perfect of an opening for this great show! I never tire of it, and like to place myself there on Baker St., while the mystery that awaits starts to unfold. Who are those kids? Any of them the BS irregulars?
    The one that turns around after sticking out his tongue…wow, just like I’d have done! How bloody perfect!

  3. I have to forgive the deviations from the original story when it results in getting Brett moments like the last look he gives the Duke for writing him a check for double the original reward, and his line in the inn: “Many things are forbidden by law; what law is there in such places as this?”

  4. Is it only me? But doesn’t Jeremy look a bit like Almira Gulch in the Wizard of Oz? I love the your pod cast!

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