4 thoughts on “The Sherlockian Relics Collection store is now live!

  1. I’ve been looking for a complete hardcover book or boxed set of all the Sherlock Holmes stories. There are quite a few out there. Can anyone recommend to me the very best value set?

  2. Years ago, I received as a gift a two volume set called ‘The Annotated Sherlock Holmes’ which I adored. It was edited by William S. Baring-Gould.

  3. Got my relics as an early Father’s Day present and love them! Have the waterfall print, the ritual and the league membership framed over the mantle. The devil’s foot bottle is on the mantle and the rest are in a shadowbox. Well done!

  4. Received my collection last week, in prime condition. Such care has been taken over every detail – love them. I shall look forward to more collections. I’m now looking closely at all episodes and wondering what will be next – a Speckled Band?? Dancing Men? Persian slipper? (I don’t smoke but would find a use for it!). Well done – love it.

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