8 thoughts on “Barbara Wilshere: A Sherlockian Conversation

  1. Cool hearing Barbara reminiscing of time with Brett & company. Thanks to her and Luke & Gus for sharing the interview–real nice slice of Granada history!

    Oh, and Happy Christmas to all!

  2. Dear Gus and Luke,
    I am so glad to have discovered your Jeremy Brett podcast. I have just recently become acquainted with the Granada series as I subscribed to Brit Box and have been spending much more time watching television during this pandemic. I must say finding Jeremy Brett has been the one bright spot of this year. I had always enjoyed Sherlock Holmes, but the only one I really knew was Basil Rathbone. I am now a bona fide Sherlockian and totally entranced, devoted to and infatuated with Jeremy Brett. I was almost embarrassed by the depths of my ardor for him until I found your podcasts and other Jeremy tributes on U Tube and other internet sites. I probably pale in comparison, but the intensity of my affection is real and sincere.
    I am reading the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as they were published in Strand magazine. I am re-watching all the Granada episodes and listening to all your podcasts. You do a fabulous job and you have great voices! I love the way you explore the ins and outs of each episode. It gives me a fuller understanding not only of the story itself, but of all the effort that went into producing it thus making each episode a much richer experience. I love hearing all the little tidbits that give me a glimpse into the heart and soul of Jeremy Brett; What an incredible actor, what an incredibly beautiful man.
    Thank you so much and please continue with all your wonderful work.
    Linda from Chicago

    1. Thanks, Linda! Always glad to meet a fellow fan of Mr. Brett! So many great episodes still to dive into. Glad you found the podcast!

  3. Wait, what-I thought Ian Richardson was the best Holmes! In fact, I think he was even better as Dr. Joseph Bell on the criminally short-lived Murder Rooms.

    Anyhow, I am an FNG to Holmesian mania and I look forward to listening to this podcast and catching up on this actor’s portrayal of Sherlock. Cheers & thanks for the effort of creating the ‘cast and impressive hosting site!

  4. New to the podcast. I have the entire Granada series on DVD. I wanted to get it on iTunes as well but it looks like it is only available on the UK iTunes Store. Is that correct?

    1. Welcome, Tony! Yes. Sadly, it is not available on US iTunes. Not even 100% sure it is actually on UK iTunes. It is, however, on BritBox in the US. So you might want to check that out.

  5. Love your podcast.
    While my grandfather was alive, we would watch Mystery on Thursday evenings separately, then I would visit or phone him so we could discuss the adaptation. Malcolm McGregor Hubbard, MIT professor and scientist, life long Sherlockian, beloved grandfather was relied upon not only to wear his Scots full kilt regalia for the kids on Halloween, but was absolutely a stickler for the precise rendition of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle canon. Your podcast gives me the pleasure of remembering him and our celebration of Jeremy Brett, the definitive Holmes.
    Marvelous to listen and then re-visit the episode. Barbara Whilshire interview-marvelous. Just wondering if the odd artifacts at Charlington folly and hall caught anyone’s attention? Cattle with horns skull a la Georgia O’Keefe in the folly. Withered plants in snake twisted bronze vase. Interesting art direction and set details.
    “We played cards for her” Perhaps a visual representation of their debauched and evil plan?
    Ps….the tiny cake is just a tribute not really meant to eat as dessert. Place the cake under your pillow and dream of the person you will marry….that is the myth anyway.

    1. Thank you, Wendy! And thanks for sharing those wonderful memories.

      And I completely agree with your observations about the set decorations. Some odd choices. But. It all adds to the mystique, I suppose.

      And thanks for the note about the cake! Good to know!


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