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Episode 36 – Silver Blaze

In this classic mystery, Holmes and Watson journey to Dartmoor to solve the case of the missing racehorse, Silver Blaze (and to find the murderer of poor John Straker, too)! Also, we learn about director Brian Mills, cast members David John and Sally Faulkner reflect on their experiences with Jeremy Brett, and Luke and Gus examine numerous trifles (from wax vestas to cataract knives). Plus, listener telegrams!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 36 – Silver Blaze

  1. So pleased you managed to recreate the Napoleon bust – it looks fantastic!

    Thank you for another great podcast – unlike you, Silver Blaze is one of my absolutely favourite episodes, probably something to do with my teenage love of horse racing AND Holmes! So many good Jeremy moments. My sister and I would always do impressions of Russell Hunter whenever we watched it. Peter Barkworth is one of my favourite supporting actors out of all the episodes. Is it Michael Cox who describes his performance as “splendidly peppery” in one of the books? I think of this every time I watch it and it seems to be the perfect description.

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