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Episode 20: The Second Stain

Prepare for war! In this episode, Inspector Lestrade ponders the mystery of The Second Stain whilst Holmes and Watson investigate the theft of an important government document. Also, Luke and Gus discuss deleted beekeeping sequences, the mystical properties of sepia-tone, British income taxes, and more. Plus, listener telegrams!

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14 thoughts on “Episode 20: The Second Stain

  1. Ahhh… tonight for over two hours I escaped this world of ours and had a delightful visit to Victorian London via the mystery of The Second Stain.

    During this peaceful and entertaining interlude, life in 2021 didn’t sound all that bad.

    Thank you Luke & Gus for your podcasting talents!

  2. I only discovered the Granada series in the past couple months. Never knew it even existed! I love the original stories and never found an accurate portrayal of the them or the characters until I found this series. It’s so spot on. And just recently found your podcast on Stitcher. I started on episode 1 and I’m currently listening to 3, the naval treaty. Thank you so much, I’m loving your podcast.

  3. Ah! One of my favourite Granada episodes… Jeremy frantically scouring the floor on the rhythm of Patrick Gowers’ brilliant sound track. And the lighting of the cigarette and Jeremy’s smug smile when the letter is discovered in the dispatch box! I really enjoy listening to these wonderful podcasts with all the additional trivia, biographies and opinions… Well done Gus&Luke. And oh, the other Holmes “snort” is from the Bruce-Partington Plans episode. From the first scene with Holmes and Watson in 221B, when Holmes is becoming impatient, because of the thick fog (real pea souper) and nothing interesting has been happening in the last couple of days… It’s an almost literal version of the first paragraphs in the canon (with “Holmes snorted his contempt”)…

      1. I have been watching that Bruce Partington bit a few times. I wanted to check what Holmes is humming, against the score of a particular Lassus motet that I found on the invaluable CPDL (Choral Public Domain Library) site. And Bingo! the humming fitted the score exactly. Jeremy is singing the first 14 bars of the Tenor line of Lassus’ 6 part motet “Quemadmodum desiderat cervus”. Singing it 100% correctly as well. Might be interesting to know who chose this particular motet, as it’s not one of Lassus’ well-known ones. I cannot find a recording of it – none of the great Early Music vocal groups seem to have had a go at it yet… There’s a MIDI file as well, but that sounds really eerie, and surely doesn’t do the music justice. I’m going to try to import it into my Staffpad music notation app and fiddle a bit with it – I want to know what it sounds like…

  4. I love the little details that Brett brought to the role. The newspaper on fire is even funnier in juxtaposition to his preceding smug expression when he talks about his sense of triumph should he solve the case. The little jump over the curb and onto the grass hints at his previous sofa jumping in Red Headed League; he parkours through his environment instead of following the normal routes. With regards to the jump at the end, I see that as consistent with his exuberance in this case, like after he shows Lady Hilda’s photo to the constable: “Holmes put his finger on his lips, replaced his hand in his breast-pocket, and burst out laughing as we turned down the street.”

  5. Hi Gus & Luke,

    Watched your film Intersect again—even better the second time. Really enjoyed how you presented the mystery of time travel and how unpredictable it could be. Overall, an entertaining trip in a Lovecraft-type mythos!

    Have any plans for a second film?

    1. Thanks! We are quite proud of Intersect – given that it was the first thing we ever did. 10 years later, I would probably do some things differently, looking back. But we will always have a soft spot for that project.

      We are working to get the next film off the ground now. Given the world around us, it’s slow going. But we are determined. 🙂 It will also include some Lovecrafitan elements. Fingers crossed we can get it off the ground soon.

      1. Great to hear you’re doing a new film with Lovecrafitan parts!

        Being a big sucker for anything time travel, tell me one thing:
        Will your new project also include some time travel aspects?

        1. Not time travel, per se. But. There is some manipulation of the timeline from a story-telling point of view. Though, nothing as insane as what we did in Intersect!! (we were young and crazy…. :). I think it will be quite a unique project. Will let you know more as it comes to fruition.

  6. Where did Holmes get the drawing of Lady Hilda that he used to have the policeman identify her? It was not on the tray with her calling card that Mrs. Hudson brought into Holmes near the beginning of the episode. Any ideas? Did I miss something?

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