Sherlockian Relics

Sherlockian Relics Collection Vol. 1

Coming soon!  A little something new that we’ve been working on.  

Prop replica bundle includes:  The Musgrave Ritual, Blue Carbuncle, Devil’s Foot poison,  Red Headed League contract and dissolve notice, Sign of Four card, and Falls of Reichenbach poster. 

More info to come!

To get on the pre-order list or for general inquiries, drop us a line at

2 thoughts on “Sherlockian Relics Collection Vol. 1

  1. I would like to know about purchasing the prop bundles you will be offering for sale.
    The price and where to purchase them?

    1. Hi Timothy,

      The Collection is going to be $159.99 USD (plus shipping). We’re still putting on the finishing touches and will be locking down shipping costs (by country) soon.

      If you’d like to get on the list, email us at You can opt out at any time. Thanks!

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