10 thoughts on “Episode 2: The Dancing Men

  1. Another excellent episode. Well done, gentlemen–and thank you.

    A few fun facts:

    Betsy Brantley (aka Elsie Cubitt) is a neighbor of mine. I think she’s retired from stage and screen, but still does voice-work, including video games.

    And I definitely used the Dancing Men as a code when I was younger. You’re right it takes longer to do than letters, but not necessarily longer than any other code that uses little symbols or shapes instead of substituting letters–or even substituting Greek or Cyrillic letters.

    I loved Hilton Cubitt’s restless dream/nightmarish sequence when he sees the Dancing Men animated. It always occurred to me that, in the days before cartoons, that would have ×really× freaked him out.

    1. Awesome! My wife once wrote me a Valentine’s Day note in Dancing Men. That’s when you know it’s true love. 🙂

  2. I had no idea Brett was left-handed but played Holmes as a righty.

    I adore this episode. The “e” physicality is so brilliant, Watson’s reading the monograph, even his brusqueness to his client at the beginning. It’s like a perfect symphony played by a great orchestra.

    I like Elsie’s accent, because she has lived in the UK for some time. So the actress’ accent amalgam kind of works.

    Because we see more of the marriage–good and bad–I think this may be one of the episodes I prefer to the actual story.

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  4. It’s October of this wicked year 2020 and I just discovered this podcast. LOVE IT! I’m bad on names BUT, re: The Dancing Men the gents discussed how it was known that the husband shot first and broke it down into 1) how do we know? and 2) did the ex-boyfriend deserve leniency? I think that can be answered by the fact Elsie lived and made a full recovery; she was a witness as to who shot first. Also, she may have had some sway with the court as to the leniency disposition. Just a thought!

  5. I enjoy the american accents being a little uncertain, it’s somehow fitting, that’s what they might sound like to a victorian brit’s imagination. I also really found it moving when Brett portrays Holmes’ guilt- I think you used a great definition, “self-contempt” at losing a client.

  6. To somewhat answer the question from the podcast I know of 10 instances where Jeremy Brett branded a gun as Holmes…and of course I could be wrong…The Naval Treaty, the Solitary Cyclist, The Dancing Men, The Greek Interpreter, The Final Problem, The Creeping Man, The Sign of Four, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Master Blackmailer, The Problem of Thor Bridge…funny thing is I believe the only time he actually fired a weapon was during the two films, The Sign of the Four when he fired at Tonga and at the Hound in The Hound of the Baskervilles.

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