Episode 3: The Naval Treaty

In the third episode of season one, Holmes and Watson investigate the theft of The Naval Treaty.  Gus and Luke examine brain-fevers, shadow-boxing, and alternate theories to the solution of this classic entry to the Granada series. 

As mentioned in the podcast, you can find the only existing audio recording of the The Secret of Sherlock Holmes, the stage play written by Jeremy Paul and starring Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke, here:  https://jgkeegan.com/sh/secsh.htm

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4 thoughts on “Episode 3: The Naval Treaty”

  1. Great to find a podcast devoted to the greatest portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. As a Brit I was surprised and pleased to find that it is by Americans. Just a note on Bohemia which was talked about in the first episode, Wikipedia explains it well. It’s history was complicated, certainly never part of the British Empire, until 1948 an administrative unit of Czechoslovakia.

    1. Thanks David! Somehow, we missed this comment until now…! Sorry about that. But yes, great info. Thanks for setting us straight. Will make note of that on the next episode. 🙂

  2. I love what you are doing, but would you please please please bring in some Brett loving Sherlockians for the discussion part of your podcasts. This is the weakest part. It needs people who know the subject and also know Doyle, inside and out.

  3. For me “The Naval Treaty” works as a story partially because the thief is so stupid and incompetent, no one suspects him, as it’s assumed it must be a practiced dealer in stolen documents because of the gravity of the secret. Ringing the bell, then stealing the document, and storing it in his own room are so amateurish, only Holmes is able to look beyond all of these assumptions of how a professional thief would behave.

    If Joseph was on social media, he’s the kind of guy who who would post on Facebook “going to stop by and see Percy” and then forget to delete it.

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