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Episode 13: The Resident Patient

In this episode, Holmes and Watson attempt to understand the undoing of The Resident Patient. Also, “Watson Learns The Trick”, Jeremy Brett whistles, and Luke and Gus discuss one of their favorite entries in the Granada series. Plus, listener telegrams!

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7 thoughts on “Episode 13: The Resident Patient

  1. Thank you so much for reading my comments on the air! This is also one of my favorite episodes, and I think one of the reasons it doesn’t get more affection is it lacks an action-packed mystery as its focus. But also like both of you, that’s why I love it so much. The relationship with Watson, and Holmes’ pure deductive ability is front and center. The lack of physical action allows the camera to focus upon Brett’s facial expressions and thoughts, and I think this episode more than any other showcases how completely he embodies the character. I love the fact he seems moved by the death when taking down the body of the hanged man, and a lesser actor would have too readily assumed the logical Holmes wouldn’t have cared. Perhaps for people just looking for a good mystery, this might not be the one I recommend first and foremost, but for true Sherlockians like myself, this episode can’t be beat.

    I agree that (along with Violet Hunter in “The Copper Beeches”) this is perhaps the one deviation from Doyle’s characterization in the supporting cast. But as you both know, I adore Nicholas Clay. I don’t think the episode would have been as strong with a less magnetic actor as the doctor (the rather mousy sandy-haired man in the Doyle), especially since he carries the first third of the narration, and Clay is one of the reasons I adore “The Resident Patient” so much. I like the fact that Clay’s fierce intelligence makes the viewer believe he has the cleverness to be a physician of renown, and he makes the more talky sections (like the meeting with the faux Russians) still seem compelling.

    1. Always glad to hear your insights, Mary! And we are in full agreement about the episode. And Nicholas Clay. I think he great in this (as usual). I’m already ready to watch it again! 🙂

  2. I love this episode-I remember watching an interview of Brett saying that him walking about in the Resident Patient’s room, checking the locks, the fireplace, the pulley lever system, the chairs…… was his ” Rififi” moment. That particular scene is just absolute gold.

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