Stephen Fry: A Sherlockian Conversation

In this special interview episode, Gus and Luke sit down with actor, author, and activist Stephen Fry to discuss his early, Sherlockian experiences, his love for the canon and the Granada series, his encounters with Mr. Jeremy Brett, and more.

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5 thoughts on “Stephen Fry: A Sherlockian Conversation”

  1. Gus & Luke,

    What a great podcast–the sound and editing are nearly perfect! But not just that…

    Your commentary is the best I’ve heard on Jeremy Brett or Sherlock Holmes in years. Each time I learn new things about the series. That’s why listening to you both take apart the stories and give us more detail has been a pleasure for me.

    Gentlemen, thank you and keep up the fine work!


  2. Hello, Gus and Luke.
    I caught your interview with Stephen Fry today, just by chance. It prompted me to watch the array of interviews with Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwick, some of which I have seen before and took me back 30 years to when I met both of them. I met them several times afterwards due to my work with the Sherlock Holmes Memorabilia Shop in Baker St and I have a charming letter from Edward thanking me for a copy of his portrait. (See “Gallery” on my website)
    It was interesting what Stephen Fry and many of the guest actors said about Jeremy’s obsession with the character. As I was leaving his dressing room at the theatre, he caught my arm and showed me the silver pocket watch with the sovereign as its fob that he wore as part of the costume. ‘”She” gave me this, you know, Christopher. I wear it on my watch-chain in memory of
    the occasion.”
    Edward was completely the opposite. He was a very good actor and my favourite Watson. I met him for the last time in a wine bar in Hampstead and I suggested he write his memoirs of life in Hollywood during its golden years. He was very modest and didn’t think anyone would read it. He offered to sign my copy of his father’s autobiography, however but sadly died before our next meeting.
    Last year I published my first novel and have tried to include a few Holmsian quotes and references.
    I look forward to seeing more of your interviews.
    Christopher Jones

    1. What a fabulous memory, Christopher Jones. And I certainly would have read Hardwicke’s memoir. He did often seem modest to a fault in his interviews.

  3. Hello Gus & Luke
    I found quite by chance the interview with Stephen Fry on YouTube which I enjoyed tremendously. I decided to hunt out your podcast. I listened to all the episodes including the Stephen Fry interview again all back to back & two days later I find myself longing for the next episode!

    I am absolutely enjoying this podcast it really brings back the fantastic series, it also shows the brilliant acting of one of our greatest (in my opinion) actors. It so makes me want to watch the entire series again.

    Thanks for such an awesome podcast, keep up the great work & please keep the episodes coming, looking forward to the next episode.

    Thanks again regards Valerie

  4. Hi Gus & Luke

    Like the others here, I found your podcast randomly through this interview. Great fun to have the added information for the episodes. It is early summer here in New Zealand and I usually watch my box sets of DVD’s in Autumn. However, due to your podcast I have just had to break them out again, not a bad thing.

    Great shows, keep up the good work.

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