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Episode 12: The Norwood Builder

In this episode, the unhappy John Hector McFarlane implores Holmes and Watson to save him from the clutches of Inspector Lestrade and exonerate him of the murder of Jonas Oldacre, The Norwood Builder.  Also, we get to know Colin Jeavons (the man behind Lestrade), Luke and Gus talk about their recent trip to The Mysterious Bookshop in New York, the premiere of their latest film project (a lovecraftian, time-travel, thriller called INTERSECT), and more!  Plus, listener telegrams!

For more info on the film (including ticket links to the Boston premiere on Feb 12, 2020), visit:  www.intersectthemovie.com

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6 thoughts on “Episode 12: The Norwood Builder

  1. Hi Luke & Gus,

    Enjoyed your latest episode. You both, as usual, do such a great podcast! You bring out such fascinating background on the making of these stories for our screens.

    I’m excited to learn of your new film, do love sci-fi, especially good time-travel stories! So I’ll go watch the Intersect trailer today. Feedback to come… ; )

    BTW, had no idea you two did your own quality film work. You’re clearly multi-talented gents!

    P.S.- Will your new film be available to watch somewhere online?


    1. Yes, eventually. We are working out distribution right now. I imagine it’ll be on iTunes, Netflix… Those types of places, in the next few months. Will definitely keep you posted!

  2. Great website and podcasts! Jeremy Brett and David Burke were wonderful in The Norwood Builder. Holmes really needed support and assistance from Watson on this investigation. The on-screen friendship between Holmes and Watson was wonderful. Rosalie Crutchley was excellent as the housekeeper. She was a fine actress, and her role, though small, showed the great casting Granada had throughout the series. Such a fine lot of actors in the series. Looking forward to your next podcast!

  3. Hi Gus and Luke
    I’m really enjoying the podcast and I’m blown away (and appreciate) all the research you both put in to each episode. Not sure I could pick a favourite but The Resident Patient, The Red Headed League, The Musgrave Ritual and The Six Napoleon’s are definitely up there. I remember the episodes when I was younger on TV being shown but didn’t get into them till about 20 years ago when ITV3 would show repeats. I’ve since bought the DVD set and the Conan Doyle books and Jeremy Brett is by far my favourite Holmes (Basil Rathbone a close second). One question I’d like to know from your other listeners and yourselves is am I on my own in not realising until about 4/5 episodes into the Return series that David Burke was no longer playing Watson and was now played by Edward Hardwicke. Either I’m stupid or it was just a smooth crossover. Keep up the good work chaps and thanks again.

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