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Jenny Seagrove: A Sherlockian Conversation

Leading lady Jenny Seagrove shares fond memories of playing Mary Morstan in The Sign of Four. She also discusses her humble beginnings, receiving career advice from Jeremy Brett, and her adventures with another Mr. Holmes – Sir Christopher Lee.

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5 thoughts on “Jenny Seagrove: A Sherlockian Conversation

  1. Hello again guys,

    Delightful conversation with Ms. Seagrove. Such great stories from that time in the 80s–I learned some new things. And couldn’t you picture Jenny and Jeremy by the pool?

    Please keep it all coming and soon, my friends!

    Thank you again, Gus & Luke!

    1. Sorry for such a late reply! But thank you as always. And yes, we had a lovely time speaking with her. We’ve been very lucky! -Luke

      1. Thanks Gus AND Luke for this great podcast , I listen to all the episodes when I work my night shift job in my office and many of the kids that irk here ask me what on earth are you listening too ? So I give them the info to your sites and say give it a try The game is foot Watson! 😆 can’t wait for the next podcast ! Any teasers for what’s next can’t wait for next installment on this wonderful website! Be well gentlemen !

        R Scott Pomeroy
        Near Northampton MASSACHUSETTS

        1. Thanks so much, Scott! We appreciate you spreading the word! 🙂

          As for what’s next: we’ll be releasing a fascinating interview with a Sign of Four cast memeber in the next few days. A few days following that will be our examination of The Devil’s Foot which will contain some fun clips from a few folks who worked on the episode. Coming soon! Stay tuned!

  2. All that is awesome news Gus & Luke!! Truly music to everyone’s ears!!
    Finally, Granada’s The Devil’s Foot–can’t wait for you guys to post!!! 😀

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