Episode 7: The Blue Carbuncle

In the final episode of season one, Holmes and Watson find themselves in possession of the mysterious gem, The Blue Carbuncle.  We also examine the careers of composer Patrick Gowers and director David Carson.  And Gus & Luke discuss hats, goose crops, and the unique properties of carbuncles.  Plus, listener emails!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 7: The Blue Carbuncle”

  1. The beginning scenes with Holmes being so grumpy contrasted with his eventual forgiveness and sense of righteousness is lovely. I hate Christmas and Christmas-y things, but I love this episode and story, because it’s the rare example of something with a Christmas theme that’s not treacle-y.

    I too love David Burke the best. Dare I say he and Jeremy had a certain sexual charisma together that Edward Hardwicke and Jeremy lacked, as wonderful as their partnership also was?

    I was today years old when I learned that geese have no croups. As an author myself who is very meticulous, there is a tiny part of me that kind of admires Doyle’s bravado. “Research, I don’t need no stinkin’ research!” Despite having a large head for a woman (size 7), the comment about large heads and brains signifying intelligence has always irked me. Ah, Victorian junk science.

    Okay, I’m now all caught up with your wonderful podcast and await new episodes. Bravo!

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