Episode 6: The Speckled Band

In the 6th episode of season one, Holmes and Watson come face to face with the Speckled Band, we get to know Mrs. Hudson (Rosalie Williams), and Gus and Luke take a deep dive into this classic story.

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One thought on “Episode 6: The Speckled Band”

  1. I love the very real concern in Brett’s voice when he expresses his scruples about allowing Watson to accompany him into Helen Stoner’s room at night. The scenes where he is exploring the estate are masterful, and Watson’s attempt to look for footprints is just adorable.

    The obsession with correct timetables is so bizarre among a certain kind of Sherlockian scholar. What I love so much about this story is its psychologically accurate portrayal of an abusive man who has his entire household in a state of terror, and the women around him constantly hide his behaviors and make excuses, even while they suffer. It’s terrifyingly realistic, psychologically, and for that I (and generations of readers and viewers) are willing to forgive milk-drinking trained snake who apparently don’t need air holes to breathe in a safe.

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