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Episode 40 – The Case of the Abbey Treasure

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson receive a mysterious letter in this rare video produced by Granada Television in 1988 for the Abbey National Bank.

View full video of The Case of the Abbey Treasure (with Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke) here:  https://youtu.be/JLFaqqpB7zE

In this episode of the podcast, we welcome our friend and podcast producer David to the show as we examine the connections between Granada and the Abbey Building Group, we pause to remember “The Woman” Gayle Hunnicutt, we examine the biography of Robert Stephens (Sherlockian actor and one of Jeremy Brett’s closest friends), we discuss more Sherlockian news that we missed while we were away, and we announce a very special upcoming podcast guest.  Plus, listener telegrams!

Sincerest thanks to Stephan Weishaupt for sharing this video with us and our listeners.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 40 – The Case of the Abbey Treasure

  1. What great news about June Wyndam Davies! How great. I was very interested in hearing about Norma West, too. Norma West transcends 2 of my obsessions. The Master Blackmailer is my 3rd favorite episode. But Norma West also played Queen Elizabeth of York in The Shadow of the Tower, A thirteen episode miniseries about the reign of Henry VII. She isn’t in it nearly as often as she should be, though it is about Henry VII and not so much her. But I love her and will be so thrilled to hear her. Thank you for the update episode. Congratulations on your movie. I was also sad to hear about Gayle Hunnicutt. Michelle t

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