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Episode 39 – The Bruce Partington Plans

Together with Brother Mycroft and Inspector Bradstreet, Holmes and Watson venture into the London fog to solve the mystery of the missing Bruce Partington submarine plans.  In this podcast we hear fond recollections from director John Gorrie, actor Jonathan Newth (Col. Valentine Walter) and Amanda Waring (Ms. Violet Westbury).  Also, Gus and Luke examine the polyphonic motets of Lassus, discuss the Potter and Potter auction of Sherlockian memorabilia, compare the original rehearsal script to the final edit, and more!  Plus, giveaways and listener telegrams!

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11 thoughts on “Episode 39 – The Bruce Partington Plans

  1. Trying a different approach to the podcast this time: listen, then read Klinger annotated, then watch Granada episode, then send a telegram of appreciation to Gus & Luke

  2. Yours is with out a doubt my favorite Sherlock Holmes podcast–your passion and hard work shine through each episode!

    Layer after delightful layer… all binge-worthy audio dreams!

    Thank you for the labors of love Gus & Luke!!

  3. This is my favorite episode of the whole series! (With apologies to the Second Stain, the Resident Patient, and the Musgrave Ritual). Jeremy Brett’s movements are priceless. The scene in the cafe with Watson, masterful! Anyway, thanks for the podcast and the giveaways! Appreciate it. Michelle t

    1. Wonderful, Michelle! Many priceless moments in this one – agreed! Even though we can sometimes be critical, we love them all. 🙂 -Gus

  4. Did you ever try to interview his son, David Huggins or one of Joan Wilson’s children(his stepchildren), Caleb W. Sullivan or Rebeka Wilson Giarusso? That could be very interesting. Or Joanna David?


    1. Hi Lisa. David and Joanna are on our list. Just haven’t connected yet. Our time is more limited now, so we are taking them one episode at a time – but with luck we will be able to speak to them in due course. Great suggestions! -Gus

  5. Gus and Luke:
    Thank you so much for your masterful and dedicated Sherlock Holmes-Jeremy Brett podcast.

    I first viewed the series in part around 1990. I was captivated by JB’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, as the great detective became a brillant, other worldly, but human like us all in the Granada series.

    In 1995 I read in a national newspaper that Jeremy Brett had died from a broken heart due to his wife’ s death. I was saddened that he had suffered such a loss, and was sorry I hadn’t viewed more episodes.

    Not until April of this year did I stumble across the entire series on YouTube, hence my discovery of your podcast. Now I have watched every episode at least twice (Britbox too), listened/viewed Jeremy Brett interviews and related puplications, are re-reading the Doyle books, comparing the Sidney Paget drawings to the episodes. I am making my way through your podcasts too. (very well done).

    Now that I have a greater knowledge of Jeremy Brett’s history, I am again filled with admiration, not just for the character of Sherlock Holmes, but for the actor who brought the great detective to life for us.

    I have no idea how Mr. Brett did that when he was feeling so unwell. Sherlock Holes or Jeremy Brett were never diminished to me despite the illnesses, or series struggles. I was just viewing the life of man who was aging, to retirement, to bee keeping.

    A final word. For the time, what Jeremy Brett did to disclose his illness was brave and undoubtedly helped others who were suffering from Bipolar Disorder. I am just sorry he couldn’t have had modern day treatment which could have been less debilitating.

    Thanks again, Kathy

  6. It’s about some weeks that I found this incredible podcast and I realised I’m not the only person that loves Jeremy so much 🥲
    I listen to every episode with interest and I really like ur work gentlemen <33
    *My language is not English and sorry if I have grammatical mistakes

  7. Hey Gus & Luke,
    Who won the Bending The Willow book giveaway?
    I checked your podcast’s Twitter, but saw no announcement…

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